Career Counseling

Our team at Routes Overseas Consultancy provides free no obligation career counseling because we know it is important and is in the best interest of our clients for them to know options available to them.

Our counselors and directors are well versed with various courses and country options and their visa requirements. It means you can trust that the advice and career counseling provided to you is coming from some reliable sources. We take career counseling seriously as we understand may be its our day to day task but for you it is a life changing event.

Our Counselors get regular training from various university representatives about their offerings and requirements.

Admission Processing

You’ve made the final decision of becoming an international student and just have to get started on applying for a university abroad. Are you too afraid to begin the process and keep postponing it? Applying to a university, whether it is in UK, or Canada or anywhere else, is not as complicated as you may think.

Well, no need to stress out!

Our expert consultants are here to guide you thoroughly through the maze of admission processing step by step.

Visa File Processing

Applying for visa is one of the most critical aspects of your preparations for overseas studies. The visa, however, can also be one of the most daunting aspects of the preparations. It is one aspect with which you will seek guidance.

The Routes Overseas Consultancy has excellent relationships with Embassies and High Commissions worldwide and is able to offer you accurate study abroad student visa information and a seamless experience in applying for visas to study overseas.

You can benefit from our comprehensive package of advice designed to ensure that you are fully prepared, taking advantage of our guidance on collecting relevant documentation. This also includes all important financial aspects and assistance with the key aspects of any interview that you may have with the High Commission or Embassy. With our consultants, you can be assured that you will address all relevant study abroad visa requirements successfully.

With the help of our knowledgeable visa consultants, you can be sure that you fulfill all the necessary visa conditions and requirements with ease. Our Counselors will also carefully review the documents and check if everything is in order before submitting them. Our experts know exactly how to guide students throughout the study abroad student visa process.

Interview Preparation

At The Routes Overseas Consultancy, we are aware of the type of questions different universities ask prospective students at the interviews. To help prepare for any interviews that may be required by the chosen universities, we provide you with a number of interview preparatory sessions.

The interview preparation sessions are conducted by professionals who have vast experience in interview techniques and are well versed with the nature and scope of questions that universities usually ask their prospective students.


Finding a home to live in is certainly not an easy task. Therefore, there is no need to go anywhere else but capitalize on our strong network and reach to find you the best accommodation facilities within the outlined budget. The Routes Overseas Consultancy has an extensive network that must be utilized fully to get the best out of one's engagement period with our staff. Our staff provides information about student accommodation, both on campus and off campus, and can facilitate contact with the desired vendors.

Routes Overseas Consultancy provides students with both options of on-campus University accommodation as well as private accommodation near the University. We have teamed with local estate agents and private accommodation companies to ensure our students are given accommodation according to their preferences.

OSHC / Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover is a compulsory health insurance product required by international students studying in Australia. OSHC is an insurance product that basically gives international students a level of insurance coverage that is based on the Australian Medicare system.

Overseas Student Health Cover is commonly referred to as OSHC. Students can arrange to pay for their OSHC through their educational institution. However, students can still choose their own OSHC provider even when their educational institution makes a specific recommendation because they have negotiated a preferred provider arrangement with a particular insurer.

Our trusty relationship with both public and a range of private service providers allows us to do all the detailed work of OSHC for you.

Travel Insurance

International travel insurance is insurance that is made by international travelers to cover International Travel expenses like medical expenses, luggage lost, cancellation of the trip, accident and other losses. The cost of travel insurance varies depending on the numbers of days of stay and type of insurance coverage. The insurance companies offer different kinds of covers including lost luggage, flight cancellation at last moment, travel agency or accommodation bankruptcy etc.

Students are encouraged to subscribe for insurance services before departing and contact our counselors for further information. Our consolidated relationship with both public and a range of private service providers allows us to do all the detailed work of insurance for you.